Legal support to treaty-making process

When concluding a contract you have to clearly understand the scope of your contractual commitments and the consequences that may arise when contract enters into force. You should examine each of contractual clauses and evaluate all possible risks.


You can rely on KDV law firm during the treaty-making process and the process of contract implementation. Thus you will be confident in every legal step.


Legal support to treaty-making process includes such services as:


drawing up of an offer, acceptance, reconciliation protocol to a contract etc.;

consultations about all matters relating to contract; providing  legal opinion concerning the practicability of concluding contract and all potential risks evaluation;

Client’s support in business meetings, participation in negotiations and discussion of contractual clauses (in a language the Client choose);

consultations about the conclusion of contracts with foreign counterparties and under the conditions of foreign legislation;

drawing up the additional agreements to a contract;

consultations about the execution of documentation that relates to the practical implementation of a contract;

other legal services the Client may need to conclude a contract.


If contract has already been concluded and purposes have not been reached – the party has failed to fulfill his obligations or performed them improperly – KDV law firm will help you to solve the problem through a pre-trial settlement of dispute or application to a court.

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